3 Must-Have Smart Appliances for your Kitchen of the Future

October 15, 2015

3 Must-Have Smart Appliances for your Kitchen of the Future

3 smart kitchen appliances for your kitchen of the future prescott kitchensThe future is here and smart homes with security systems that can be controlled from your smart phones and digital locks are becoming less of a trend and more of a norm. Not to be left out, kitchens are also going smart with a bevy of appliances and gadgets created to make the heart of the home even more efficient. The digital smart kitchen is now and these 3 must-have smart appliances for your kitchen of the future that will have you scratching your head wondering what they’ll think of next!

1.) LG’s Smart Oven:

The LG Smart Oven is a connected kitchen appliance that allows you to control cooking remotely from your smartphone. Click on the LG Smart Access Range app to set it and forget it. It also lets you send recipes to your range. Simply send an instant message to LG HomeChat via smart phone messenger app LINE to control and communicate with your smart oven remotely. You can even download family-pleasing recipes from your range.

2.) Smart Food Printer: XYZPrinting’s new food 3D printer takes in raw food (limited to ingredients for cookies and sweets for now) and prints it into customizable shapes to make cooking all the more fun and techy. It has a touchscreen that allows users to choose from different designs, and they can also upload their own designs via USB. Cooking has never been more fun!

3.) Smart Table:

Now we’ve seen everything. IKEA’S Concept Kitchen 2025 is currently crafting a “table for living.” Centered above the table is a “smart light” that has a camera that observes the ingredients you want to cook with and it projects information down onto the table to assist you with meal preparation. The smart light will help you create a meal based on how much time you want to spend cooking, and it can suggest tasty ingredient combinations, too. When you’re ready to cook, it will turn the surface of the table into a burner for you. You can even charge your mobile devices on the surface of the table, thanks to its induction technology. You can also keep a plate of food warm or cool on a specific area of the table for freshness.

Which of these 3 must-have smart appliances for your kitchen would you add? If you’d like to add some smart upgrades to your custom kitchen, we at Prescott Kitchens can help you make selections that will bring your kitchen of the future to life. Whether you need to update the look of your kitchen, change space utilization or increase storage, we can create the design you desire, at a price that you can afford. Please contact Prescott Kitchens at 928-583-7520 or prescottkitchens@gmail.com to schedule an appointment today!

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